A luxury retreat near the heart of Avignon's cultural scene

The Auberge de Cassagne celebrates the Avignon Festival

Situated just a few kilometres from the centre of Avignon, the Auberge de Cassagne is a luxury hotel nestled in a lush, green setting. Combining Provençal charm with modern comfort, this 5-star establishment offers a unique experience with its refined spa and elegant rooms. Every year, L’Auberge de Cassagne welcomes numerous visitors attending the prestigious Avignon Festival. This festival, one of the world’s largest artistic events, draws thousands of theatre, dance, and music enthusiasts. Take advantage of the hotel’s proximity to discover Avignon’s cultural heritage while enjoying an exceptional stay.

The Avignon Festival 2024 : a premier event in the artistic calendar

The Avignon Festival, one of the most prestigious artistic events in the world, will take place from 29th June to 24th July 2024 included. This edition promises a rich and diverse programme, featuring theatre, dance, music, and internationally renowned artistic performances. Major attractions include the Cour d’honneur at the Palais des Papes, an iconic venue for exceptional performances. Avignon’s streets and squares transform into impromptu stages, creating a festive and convivial atmosphere. This festival is a unique opportunity to discover emerging talents and rediscover classic works in a new light.

Stay at the Auberge de Cassagne & Spa for an unforgettable experience

The Auberge de Cassagne & Spa, with its enchanting setting, high-end services and its Gourmet restaurant, is the perfect stop for festival-goers. The hotel team is on hand to offer expert advice on must-see shows and the best routes to explore the city. Additionally, the hotel’s spa is the ideal place to unwind after a busy day at the festival. To ensure a pleasant stay, consider booking in advance and taking advantage of special offers available during the festival period. By choosing the Auberge de Cassagne, you opt for an unforgettable experience, blending culture and relaxation in an exceptional setting, so you can enjoy the Provencal way of life.

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