For those who aren't staying at the hotel

Rates & Spa Packages

The Auberge de Cassagne is just a few minutes from Avignon, in the commune of Le Pontet, so it’s easy for those who aren’t staying at the hotel to enjoy some of the facilities that make the hotel so famous. The spa and gastro restaurant attract both regular and passing visitors in search of excellence and luxury services.

That’s why we’ve developed packages and offers that enable those who wish to do so to unwind for a few hours at the spa and enjoy a unique dining experience.

So, we’ve chosen a range of options that we hope will tick all your boxes and stimulate your senses.

Reservation by telephone on +33 4 90 31 04 18, by email, or via the contact form.

Each of these packages is devoted mainly to the spa and can easily be combined with a meal in our gourmet restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

For any further information, our team will be happy to help you choose the package that suits you best.