Wellness, luxury, and relaxation

Spa – Jacuzzi – Indoor Swimming Pool

The Spa at the Auberge de Cassagne is undoubtedly one of the most popular wellness areas in Avignon and the surrounding region. In a spa with a space of over 500 m², you can take advantage of a wide range of treatment and relaxation activities, for a whole day or just for an appointment. In addition to the Spa services, you’ll also find a tearoom and a rest room, for a relaxing transition before resuming the course of your day.

The hotel’s spa is much appreciated for its private atmosphere, and we have turned it into a place of real well-being and relaxation, combining luxury with tranquillity. Every minute is designed to deliver a totally personalised service, making it feel like a private venue with full privacy. All the treatments we offer are provided by wellness professionals who are on hand to help you throughout your stay.