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Vibrations Palace of the Popes Avignon | Hotel Auberge de Cassagne

Discover the brand-new monumental 360°show surrounding you in the Honour Courtyard at the Palace of the Popes every evening at 9:15 and 10:15 pm from 11 August to 12 October
A performance to see with the whole family or among friends that opens the doors of the Palace of the Popes as night falls for an utterly amazing experience.

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Vibrations Popes Palace Vibrations Popes Palace
Carrières de lumières
Carrieres de Lumieres Baux de Provence | Hotel Auberge de Cassagne Avignon

Until the 5 january 2020, the Carrières de Lumières showcases the works of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), who painted more than 2000 paintings during the last 10 years of his life.The clouds, suns and portraits of Van Gogh's greatest masterpieces come alive on walls over 15 meters high and reveal the artist's singular style.The exhibition evokes Van Gogh's immeasurable, chaotic and poetic inner world through his most iconic canvases, from the Starry Night (1889) to the Sunflowers (1888) to his famous Bedroom painted in Arles.1889.


Choregies Orange | Hotel Auberge de Cassagne

Book your hotel during the Chorégies d'Orange.The ancient theater hosts many concerts and operas.

Show in the ancient theater of Orange

If you are looking for a hotel near Orange, as part of the Chorégies d'Orange, book now on the official website of the hotel Auberge de Cassagne.



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Chorégies d'Orange